Introducing Angel Investor: Girish Mathrubootham

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When looking for funding, don’t just look for cash, look for right people. A new venture can raise money from Angel Investors who provide capital for startups to grow.


Girish Mathrubootham founded Freshdesk in 2010, and as the CEO, has been setting the vision and direction for the company since inception. Prior to founding Freshdesk, Girish was the VP of Product Management at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp, where he was responsible for setting worldwide product strategy and overseeing product marketing, product management, and customer support.

Companies He Invested

Girish made 28 investments. Their latest investment is Seed Round- Hashnode on Dec 15, 2020. He invested $2.1M in Hashnode. Some of the companies he invested are Hubilo, inFeedo, Securden,Interview Mocha.

Recent News

Hashnode raised $2,100,000 / Seed on Dec 15, 2020 from Christopher Golda and 10 other investors namely Surge,Shashank Kumar,Salil Deshpande,Ritesh Arora,Naval Ravikant,Nakul Aggarwal,Harshil Mathur,Guillermo Rauch and Ed Roman.

Learn how to go about building your startup from Girish Mathrubootham hosted by Anand Daniel, a partner at Accel India.

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