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The Vedic rituals are an integral part of Indian’s ancient culture. For ages, we have had temples full of rituals and yagyas performed by the priests.

In this age of Technology, the present and upcoming generations are moving away from their cultural roots. With westernization taking over the culture, the age-old traditions are becoming extinct. To address these problems, a Hyderabad-based startup Puja services is ensuring that the Origins, History, Culture of Hinduism are not forgotten. 

About Puja Services

Puja Services is the most preferred Digital Platform for all Hindu Devotional needs and Spiritual services. Puja Services has been established to connect the current and future generations to Hinduism digitally.


Their vision is to bring “Inspiration and Devotion” to the younger and future generation towards Hindu Dharma with the help of the state of art Information Technology.

Mission of Puja Services

To bring all Spiritual Services and Traditions of Hindu Dharma on to a Single Digital Platform.


Sridhar Gollamudi, is the Founder, Director & CEO at Puja Services India Private Limited. He is a business leader with over 28 years of experience, with expertise in managing Global Development centers, leading Product development, Support & Services, and QA operations. He has a specialized interest in taking offshore success up the value chain from Operational excellence to ownership and driving global organization strategy.


Gift a Puja Service: Gift a puja to your loved ones on occasions like Birthdays, New Job, Examinations, Recovery and Good Health, Peace & Prosperity and others like Removal of Obstacles etc.

Spiritual Services: It includes connecting devotees with the spiritual database for every day in the form of spiritual videos, talks, ebooks and devotional songs.

Temple Services: Devotees can get a Puja done on their behalf, book a Seva online and avail of listed services of the onboarded temples remotely, and teaching kids the value of tradition through animated videos.

Priest Services: Devotees can book a priest online for any occasion, ritual and event.

Puja Services: Devotees can book a puja online in the listed temples. Any Hindu spiritual puja can be performed online from anywhere across the globe and offline in designated locations.

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