Introducing India’s Budding Angel Investor:Ankush Gera

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Founders are responsible for building companies for creating the right culture to promote innovation and growth. The company’s vision should be an interpretation of their own ideas and execution. An idea requires funding in its journey and angel investors are the ones who provide capital for startups to grow.


Ankush Gera, the Founder/CEO at Junglee Games is a stage agnostic angel investor. He previously founded Monsoon Company, a boutique software company that was acquired by Capital One which helped Yammer, TOMS, Zazzle, HP, and other fortune 100 clients launch their mobile experiences.

Ankush is a limited partner in funds Metastable, Upshift,, Tandeme, Kae Capital and a Venture Partner at Unshackled. He is on the board of Kunai, Kintohub and Rainfactory and an active angel investor in startups, SVAcademy, Back to the roots, Cloudability, 15five, Devoted Health, Wunder, Lift Aircraft, Quorum, Jetpack Overflow, Biscuit Labs, Fynd, Roomify, Inkbox and the Gravity Group. 

I bootstrapped my company to profitability after raising money from friends and family. I love founders who can build a bootstrapped company. On the other hand, in funded companies founders have to handle deal structuring to remain in control. It is important for a company to have good corporate governance. All the problems around “mythical” unicorns are rooted in the lack of corporate governance.

Professional Accomplishments

His company Junglee Games was founded in San-Francisco and is backed by top tier venture capitalists and has emerged as a leader in the gaming space. Junglee Games boasts of over 10 million users across the world. Junglee Games is expected to touch 20 million users in a year’s time. Mr. Gera says that his company is competing against games like Mortal Combat and PubG

Prior to Junglee Games, I had a design and services company called Monsoon where we built advanced touch screen software. In the consulting business you don’t own the idea, and when I started Junglee I began to feel that I was building something that I was responsible for. I started the company because skill games are such a big opportunity. 

His best-known games include Junglee Rummy,, Junglee Teen Patti, and Howzat. The startup raised $3.5 million in 2013, and has since then breached Rs 100 crore in revenue and the company claims to have achieved Rs 500 crore in turnover.

Companies He Invested

Ankush Gera has made two investments. Their latest investment is Seed Round- Kitchens Centre on Apr 2, 2020. He invested $500K in Kitchens Centre.He also invested an undisclosed amount in Vivo Fitness.

Other companies in which he is an investor is Sqwiggle which is an online workplace that allows remote team members to work together and feel more connected and Immediately which is helping sales people spend more time selling headquartered in San Francisco.

Most Recent Investment

His latest investment is Seed Round-Kitchens Centre on Apr 2, 2020. He invested $500K in Kitchens Centre.

Advise by Funder to Founders

Founders must remember that they may not find mentors, but can learn so much from the ecosystem. I am in it as long as I am learning. I read more now and have been spending time on learning about cultures and leadership.

I would recommend Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman and 15 Principles of Conscious Leadership by Diana Chapman,says Ankush.

In the end I leave founders with just one message: build a company with strong governance.

Check out an interview with Ankush Gera where he talks about why culture is so important for the sustaining growth of a company.

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