Earlypad Monthly/Quarterly Investor Update Template

A startup founder has to face many challenging situations during the startup journey. Between product development, its distribution, employee satisfaction , etc it can be very tough to make time for investor relationships.

However, when organised properly, those investors can often be a valuable resource for startups. Apart from providing capital, investors offer advice, expertise, introductions, and more. It is your duty as a founder to let your investors know what is happening with your business so they can help. 

An investors’ success is directly proportional to the success of their portfolio company.

Your investors likely have other investments and can’t be expected to know exactly where to help each company. By sending regular investor updates you can stay top of mind for your investors and tap into their knowledge, resources, and capital to continue to grow your business.

It is highly crucial to maintain strong relationship with investors that covers both transparency and trust.

Here is your free Monthly/Quaterly Investor update which can be used by startup founders to update the investors.