Marketing Mix of was the first job portal to be launched in India in March 1997 and has been successful all these years in maintaining its first mover advantage in the field of recruitment services. was founded by Indian businessman  Sanjeev Bikchandani who started Info Edge(India) Ltd in 1995.

So was it the first mover advantage in the industry or something else that led to creating such a million dollar revenue generating business?

Lets have a look at the 7 P’s of

Product in the Marketing Mix of

Its primary product is RESDEX which is the complete resume database of It has become India’s largest talent pool where recruiters find the perfect talent for their organisation by paying for job posting. Besides that also provides online branding solutions. Naukri earns a handsome amount by running Google Ads/banner inventory etc that they place at various pages of the site.Its resume writing services for job seekers has made it a highly sought after job portal where candidates pay for fast forward connecting with recruiters .

Pricing in the Marketing Mix of

It is a premium priced portal with its yearly RESDEX (Resume Database Access) costing 2 lakhs and its yearly job postings costing 85000. The branding solutions are also priced high with each brand logo costing between 15 lakhs to 1 crore depending on the size. The price of a typical text resume is approximately 300% more than any of its competitors. Naukri can be said to be the king of all job portals and every company buys it nevertheless how costly the pricing model is.

Promotion in the Marketing mix of has an excellent online presence owing to the intelligently handled promotional activities. It uses promotional like local level job fairs and implements various branding techniques to increase awareness. As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to haunt companies and job seekers in India,it has come up with a new initiative called STEP UP that will highlight profiles of those candidates that have recently been laid off or are available for immediate joining. Promotions are one of the major reason why there is such a high CV accquisition rate for this job portal. The marketing campaigns are mostly related to humour and portrays employees highly dissatisfied at their present jobs to attract more job seekers towards its services.

Place in the Marketing Mix of

Most of its sales transaction happens online though it is present in numerous countries around the world. The sales force and the marketing team is widely spread all over and are well trained to give demonstration to clients efficiently. The after sales service and acquisitions are properly executed thus making it one of the most reliable job portal service platform.

People in the Marketing Mix of is known to be one of the best places to work. According to Glassdoor 77% of people reccomend Naukri to a friend.It has around 2000 people working for it and majority work towards sales and after sales service of the product. Employees are highly involved having a 87% approval rate of the CEO . Employees get great incentives on the sales generated which acts as a motivating factor among many employees.

Process in the Marketing Mix of

The job seeker logs on into the site and uploads his CV which is then stored securely with password protection. A large depository of CV is thus generated.This data is eventually sent to various recruitment firms either online or through personal client visits or sales call .There are numerous branding options available on site like Brand Your Referral Programme wherein employers get upto 20% more applies. The sales force is mainly involved in selling as well as serving the post purchase needs of their clients.

Physical Evidence in the Marketing Mix of has an excellent sight design and user experience which makes it convenient for both job seekers as well as recruiters. It has quite a well built navigating structure across all its web pages thus proving it to be having a sound physical evidence among all its counter parts. A dedicated application is also present to download from Google Playstore & App Store.

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